Focus on growing your business whilst we take care of everything behind the scenes.

With 25 years’ experience fulfilling rental clothing operations across the UK and Europe, we are perfectly positioned to keep you ahead of the rental revolution.

Get started in four simple steps

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1. Plan

Identify your goals. Whether you’re interested in offering short-term rental clothing or a clothing subscription service, we will support you in creating a roadmap towards circular fashion.

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2. Create

You call the shots: Build a bespoke fully managed fashion fulfilment plan with ACS that suits your business needs


3. Integrate

Get started: Integrate your front-end IT systems with our back-end order management technology using our API links. We’ll sew advanced RFID tags into each garment and get you set up on our systems.


4. Launch

That’s it. Your fashion rental service is ready to launch.

The Benefits


Increase ROI


Manage inventory


Extend brand reach


Improved brand sustainability


Innovative circular fashion solution


Local and ethical processes

A profitable and sustainable solution

Sustainability is not only about the planet. It’s important that this model is economically sustainable for brands and consumers alike. Consider this:

In this case, the rental model allows a brand to generate over 3x gross profit, whilst the consumer can wear the item for a fraction of the RRP.

Textile care and repair is in our DNA. The average item of clothing can be rented 8 times in ‘like-new’ condition, however many of the items we process far exceed the average 8x rental lifespan.

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